Virus - Free Guarantee

Viruses are a big problem. They can put your personal information, reputation, and money at risk. Taking preventative action is one of the only ways  to make sure your valuables are safe from harm. Anti-Virus programs are important to have if you find yourself browsing the web often, but even then, some viruses can still make their way into your system. What now? Getting a virus cleared off of your computer can be a price you're willing to pay a few times, but are you really willing to take that risk over and over and over again?

    How It Works

One of the problems we've seen is our customers having their viruses cleaned off of their computer, then falling victim to yet another virus. Our solution is simple: we can provide our customers with the tools they need to keep them virus free, and then offer them support for an entire year. For $99, we will install Kaspersky, the leading Anti-Virus of 2013 by AV Comparatives, as well as optimize the security policies on your computer. For the entire year-long subscription of your Kaspersky Anti-Virus, we will personally remove any viruses that may have still found a way to infiltrate your secure system. In the event that you do acquire another virus, you are covered by our guarantee of a safe computer.