Virus Cleanings

Viruses are, unfortunately, all too common and easy to acquire. They can affect your computer in a number of ways, anywhere from slowing it down to compromising the integrity of your private information. We recommend protecting yourself by exercising safe web browsing and putting a trusted antivirus program on your machine. Unfortunately, even after taking these precautions, viruses can still get in your system. We offer virus cleanings ranging from $99 - $159, depending on the severity of the infection.

The Computer Industry Almanac estimates that of the 700 million computers in use across the world, about 10% will crash completely from virus infections.  In the past few years, several viruses have been devastating enough to have their name in the news.


Heartbleed is the latest virus to make the news, and has been described by Forbes as "the worst vulnerability found since commercial traffic began to flow on the internet." The virus attacks the secured servers of many normally very safe websites, risking user passwords and session cookies to the attack. Lists have been released of websites and companies that were attacked. It's important to go and change your passwords on the sites that have been affected, in order to protect your sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. Click Here for a List of Websites You should Be Wary Of.


CryptoLocker is one of the scariest of the viruses out there. It usually makes its way into a computer as a seemingly innocent email attachment from what appears to be a reputable company. Once inside the machine, CryptoLocker encrypts all of the files, agreeing only to release them for an extraordinary ransom fee. While CryptoLocker itself can be removed like other viruses, the encrypted files are, unfortunately, not salvageable, even by complete experts in the field. Preventative action is the only action that can be taken to ensure that you are not affected by CryptoLocker, the most important being safe web browsing. Try to not open emails from anyone or any company you do not personally recognize, and keep yourself safe!

FBI Virus

The FBI Virus took many victims in 2013, and of the viruses that demand money, people were more willing to pay this one to go away. Why? As the name suggests, this virus disguises itself as a message from the FBI, and will accuse the user of a number of crimes, including, but not limited to: downloading illegal software, videos, or music, viewing child pornography, and sending spam via email. For a fine of roughly $400, the "FBI" agrees to allow the user to resume using their machine. Contrary to popular belief, this is not the actual FBI, and you are not being charged for a crime. The FBI virus can be removed without compromising your files or personal information.

These are only 3 of the several thousand strains of malware in circulation, and as we can see, much is at risk, including your money, dignity, and private information.

What Else Can You Do?

In addition to virus cleanings, we also offer a virus protection program that keeps you under our protection for an entire year. for $99, we offer a copy of Kaspersky Anit-Virus as well as a 1 year virus-free guarantee

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